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An economic and emotionally healthy state for all all who reside here.
"I come from hard working family and have been
involved with public service since I was nineteen. I'm here to work for all of us as New Yorkers. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety - especially getting guns off the streets, a top priority. With decades of government experience, I learned how to find solutions and execute them while navigating the complicated political culture that often prevents policies that  work best for the people in the state of New York.
The EV Initiative: Elders & Veterans

We will  shift focus to better support senior citizens and veterans.  State policies will ensure the economic viability and health of all seniors and veterans. Ensuring that those on fixed incomes are not spending more than 50 percent of their income on housing.​ Also resources will be allocated to programs geared toward the quality of life for seniors and veterans.  Ensuring mental health and wellness, economic stability, and future prosperity are available to seniors and those who have served our country.

Sustainable Housing

The New York State Government will work to reduce tax and costs for landlords and property owners so the savings can be mandated to be used towards reducing rents and creating a more sustainable and relaxed lifestyle for people who choose to live and raise families in our state.

Land of Literacy Education Program

Our goal is to become the number one state in the nation for education.  A better education system makes the city better in so many ways. We will set a nationwide precedent in teacher salaries and a no tolerance policy for abusive, failing and unproductive teachers and schools. Education and arts are the backbone of our great state and the development of the next generation. I am committed to seeing  the reality of a better NY, and a better NY starts with a better education system.

Two Fold Economic Plan

Our state policy will reflect New York's commitment to creating the best business climate in the country.  Conducive for small, medium and large scale businesses. Economic security must exist in all levels of business to support a diverse and consistently growing population. I will ensure a favorable tax and regulatory climate, and eliminate unnecessary burden that hinder flourishing businesses.  

Our policies will place as a high priority on the economic and emotional well being of its residents. Recognizing that an individual's economic health contributes greatly to their mental and physical health.


We will develop a "New York Credit Score". Upon completion of a pre-approved financial education program and a full year of proper financial management an individual would receive a perfect New York Credit Score and lenders will be encouraged to consider the New York Credit Score as long as they are applying for property within the state. 

Quality of Life Tax Program

A 21st Century Taxing Commission will  be established to completely revamp how revenue is raised in the state with the goal of spreading out the tax burden equitably, with the least amount of intrusion on the lives of New Yorkers. The Commission will also seek to phase down the state's dependency on crippling taxes such as Property Tax

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